October 15, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 18)


Strong Points: Freely downloadable software, good help section
Weak Points: None


For scientists whose workflow includes image analysis: meet Fiji, your new best friend. Fiji is a freely downloadable image analysis program that handles various image file formats common in the life sciences. Perhaps you already know of Fiji as its pared-down version, ImageJ. As the website is quick to point out in large letters on the homescreen, Fiji and ImageJ are one in the same (but Fiji includes more features). The website for the software offers not only the download itself, but also a great deal of documentation about the program, its menus, and its large library of plugins. Users can track updates to the software under the “tools” section of the website, which also houses maintenance reports and information about the most used features of the software. For in-depth information on some of Fiji’s features, users can read some of the related primary literature, with a list of citations found on the “publications” page of the Fiji website.

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