USMLE Immunology Flashcards

USMLE Immunology Flashcards

Rating: Very Good

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android

Cost: Free. Full access requires a subscription

Strong Points: Flashcards contain a good amount of information. Users ca n mark flashcards for further review.

Weak Points: Access to the full app requires a monthly subscription.

If you’re a medical student dreading the thought of making flashcards to study for your licensing exam, then look no further than the USMLE Immunology Flashcards app. The app, created by the United States Medical Licensing Examination, is a great tool that can help you ace your exam. The app includes a number of flashcard stacks that cover topics ranging from biological principles of the innate and adaptive immune systems to clinical aspects of immunity. Users can test themselves with each flashcard and view the answers when they’re ready to check their work. Each flashcard answer contains a fair amount of background information for review, and many contain additional diagrams. Users can also mark flashcards that they want to continue reviewing later on. The app includes a few flashcard stacks that are free to use, but there is a subscription cost for users who want to access the full number of stacks available on the app. However, the USMLE Immunology Flashcards app is a useful tool for students preparing for their exams.

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