November 1, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 19)


Strong Points: Many calculators and educational resources
Weak Points: Random sample module crashes app


Free (in-app purchase to full version for $1.99)


The StatsLab app is useful both as an educational tool to learn statistics and as a statistics calculator to quickly crunch one’s data. The app includes six modules, all of which are conveniently accessible from the home screen. The probability distributions module provides plots and explanations of six distributions, including continuous distributions such as normal and student’s t-test, as well as two discrete distributions, binomial and Poisson. The data analysis module lets users enter their data to quickly receive summary statistics, while the experiments module lets users simulate experiments to illustrate key concepts in probability. Users can also perform both Pearson’s chi-square test (within the contingency tables module) and ANOVA, with additional functionality provided if users upgrade to the full version. In theory, users can also generate random samples drawn from a normal distribution, but this feature caused the app to crash in my hands.

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