Neurology Pocketbook

Rating: Very Good

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android

Cost: Free

Strong Points: Numerous pages of information, easy to navigate app and save pages for later.

Weak Points: Citations aren’t included on pages.

True to its name, Neurology Pocketbook is a handy, readily accessible app for medical professionals who need to quickly check on the details of the most commonly used neurology assessments for patients. The app includes detailed checklists for dozens of assessments and procedures, ranging from lumbar punctures to visual field deficits. Additionally, the app includes more general information about neurologically relevant topics, such as neuropharmacology, cognitive diseases, and spinal cord syndromes. Users can browse through the full list, search for a specific assessment they have in mind, and bookmark their most used pages for easy access later on. Neurology Pocketbook includes a large amount of information and is a great app for students and medical professionals working in neurology.

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