June 1, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 11)


Strong Points: Interactive lessons, easy to follow
Weak Points: Limited amount of content in lite version


Free (in-app purchase)


Organic chemistry is a difficult subject to master for many reasons, one of which is the sometimes-confusing nomenclature of organic compounds. The Learn Organic Chemistry Nomenclature app walks users through the naming rules for different classes of organic compounds. The “lite” version of the app includes five such classes: alkanes, cycloalkanes, alcohols, aromatics, and ketones. (For additional classes of compounds, users can purchase the full version of the app.) The brief lessons for each chemical class are interactive in that they prompt users to identify, for example, the parent chain of the compound, and then the user can tap on the structure to reveal the answer. Upon completion of the tutorial, users can test their knowledge by taking a brief quiz.

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