Goblin Tools

Goblin Tools

Rating: Very Good

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android

Cost: $0.99

Strong Points: Novel tools not seen in other to-do list apps.

Weak Points: App can occasionally be buggy.

Don’t let the name dissuade you from trying Goblin Tools. The app supplies a fresh new take on traditional to-do lists that makes creating and organizing tasks easier than ever, especially for neurodivergent users. The key feature of the app is its Magic ToDo, which automatically creates subtasks that break large projects down into more manageable sections. For example, adding “read papers” to your to-do list creates numerous subtasks such as define your question, search for relevant literature, highlight main points, and summarize new information. Users can adjust the granularity of this task breakdown and the app can provide estimates for how long each task will take to complete. The app includes several other features, including a function that will rewrite your e-mail messages to make them sound more professional, a judge that will let you know if you’re misreading the tone of a message, and a compiler that will put your running log of tasks into an organized list.

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