Gene Therapy Academy

Gene Therapy Academy

Rating: Good

Platform: iPhone/iPad

Cost: Free

Strong Points: Detailed, interactive animations. Quizzes are relevant to each section.

Weak Points: Fairly broad overview, doesn’t include much detail.

Gene Therapy Academy is a great introduction to the basic principles behind gene therapy mediated by adeno-associated viral vectors. The app is divided into four sections, each of which starts with a detailed 3D animation that shows how viral vectors are taken up by cells and how their genetic information is translated into functional proteins. The animations are well crafted and show each stage of the process. Users can also move around various 3D models of important structures, such as the cell’s ribosomes and the endosomes that encapsulate incoming viral particles. Each section also includes a short quiz that covers major points introduced by each video. The app provides a great overview of the process but does not go into deeper detail about each stage of gene therapy. However, it’s a great introductory tool for students and educators interested in this emerging therapeutic.

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