October 1, 2012 (Vol. 32, No. 17)


Strong Points: Customizable periodic table
Weak Points: Can only add text to areas of the screen containing images




A useful (although not flawless) reference for chemistry students, this app includes a very nicely annotated periodic table that displays many properties beyond just the atomic weight of each element when the screen is double tapped. Even more useful is the option to customize the information that is displayed—users can even add their own information to be displayed, if desired. The chemistry formulas and chemistry fundamentals sections are best viewed on the iPhone, as they do not scale to the full width of the iPad. Users should be made aware that these sections contain multiple pages—something that is easily missed unless you notice the scroll icon at the bottom of the screen. The app provides users the opportunity to create their own reference sheets, with the option to upload photos from their device. However, this feature is greatly limited by the fact that text can only be added if an image is present.

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