Rating: Very Good.

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android

Cost: Free

Strong Points: Numerous annotated endoscopy videos that cover a range of systems.

Weak Points: Designed for use with the Cellvizio endoscopy system.

Cellvizio, from Mauna Kea Technologies, provides users with an up-close view of the inside of the body. The app is designed to work with the Cellvizio endoscopy system, but if you’re not a surgeon or physician, there are still some cool features you can check out on the app. The app includes example modules that cover a wide range of medical issues, including peripheral lung nodules, Barrett’s esophagus, gastric disease, and pancreatic cysts. Each module is divided further into various presentations of the disease, with each presentation including videos of endoscopies that show how symptoms manifest within the body. For curious users, the app also includes technical videos of how the endoscopy and imaging system works. Cellvizio is a fascinating app that provides even non-surgeons a chance to peek inside the human body.

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