September 1, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 15)


Strong Points: Nicely designed, many questions
Weak Points: Some typos, very short explanations




The (somewhat generically named) Biology Quiz app is intended to serve as a study tool for advanced high school and college-level students of biology. The home screen of the app features twelve topics—or “chapters”—that include the cell, respiration and photosynthesis, and biochemistry, among others. However, these “chapters” are comprised entirely of quiz questions, rather than presenting the content in a comprehensive way. Thus, while the app might serve to reinforce content covered within a class, it’s less of a useful learning tool on its own. The app includes over 450 questions and covers a wide number of biology topics, and each question is accompanied by a very brief explanation. The quizzes include a mix of multiple choice questions and text entry questions (which are quite difficult to get “correct” because one doesn’t know exactly how the app has coded the answer).

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