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Insight & Intelligence™ : Feb 21, 2014

Single-Cell Analysis Answers Multiple Questions

This broad research space has been garnering significant attention.
  • Enal Razvi

The focus of this GEN BioMarket Trends report is the expanding field of single-cell analysis (SCA), which is a broad and amorphous space. Highlights of the report:

  • Biological heterogeneity between cells is now becoming recognized as a key contributor to disease as is believed to be the case in cells derived from primary tumors that may possess alterations enabling them to see distant metastases.
  • In order therefore to understand and treat disease at the fundamental level, cell-cell differences within a population must be analyzed and appreciated—this opens up the realm of SCA, which is gathering significant attention.
  • In this report we provide an update on CTCs as a special case of SCA wherein some clinical utility of CTC measurements has been demonstrated.
  • Much work remains, however, in the realm of single-cell sequencing and single-cell genomics, and the industry is just beginning to recognize the importance of SCA.

More reports will follow over the coming months analyzing different facets of the SCA marketplace.