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Feb 15, 2012

Organovo Raises $6.5M to Advance 3-D Tissue Printing Platform

  • Organovo raised $6.5 million in a private placement to fund continued development of its 3-D bioprinting technology for research and clinical applications. The firm is exploiting its cell and tissue printing platform for generating 3-D tissues as human disease models, and surgical tissues for direct therapy.

    The NovoGen MMX Bioprinter™ allows for the placement of cells in any desired pattern, the firm claims. The first stage is to generate small building blocks of any desired shape from the chosen cell type. The preformed cell aggregates are then loaded into a print cartridge, which is subsequently attached to the bioprinter. The bioprinter deposits the cell aggregates one layer at a time, creating multiple stacked 2-D patterns, which are held together by a noninvasive gel as the 2-D layers are built up into a 3-D construct.

    “Organovo’s advanced bioprinting platform can replicate essential biology for research, drug discovery and development, and eventually for therapeutic applications,” remarks Keith Murphy, CEO. “We have found success in achieving early revenue through strategic collaborations, and this funding will allow us to extend the research and uses of 3-D bioprinting through growth and innovation in the coming years.” 

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