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Jan 19, 2007

PCT Signs Cell Therapy Deal with Invitrogen

  • Progenitor Cell Therapy and Invitrogen entered into a strategic co-marketing and development relationship. The collaboration will initially focus on the application of Invitrogen’s media and cell-separation technologies for cell product-based applications.

    The deal will include the proprietary Dynabeads® separation technology and encompass the new Dynabeads ClinExVivo™ CD3/CD28 developed to optimize ex vivo T-cell activation and expansion in translational research while preserving T-cell viability and optimal immune function.

    “With experience in the application of state-of-the-art technologies for the therapeutic application of over 20 cell types in dozens of clinical indications, Progenitor Cell Therapy brings a wealth of experience in the development of cells for therapeutic products,” notes Oystein Amellem, business segment director for Invitrogen’s Dynal-bead based separation group.

    “This includes experience with the Dynabeads platform and its related technologies, various expansion media and culture systems, including the Wave Bioreactor®. This kind of experience is valuable to Invitrogen in terms of ongoing product development, product testing and validation, as well as customized technical integration and implementation of services for our customers.”

    The collaboration will comprise co-marketing, co-referrals, joint proposals, and technical consulting services provided by PCT to Invitrogen and its customers.

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