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Sep 9, 2008

Fluorotechnics Expands Reach with Acquisition of The Gel Company

  • Fluorotechnics, an Australian company providing fluorescence-based products, is acquiring U.S.-based The Gel Company (GelCo). Fluorotechnics believes that this transaction will solidify its place in the global protein electrophoresis market.
    Fluorotechnics focuses on the discovery, development, and manufacture of fluorescent labels and stains for use in research, biotechnology, and diagnostics. GelCo offers over 250 products for applications such as proteomics, cell culture, DNA sequencing, liquid handling, microarrays, and PCR.

    According to CEO of Fluorotechnics, Duncan Veal, the acquisition of GelCo is part of the company’s strategy to cement itself as a global leader in the protein electrophoresis market.
    “GelCo sells its products online and via its direct sales team,” points out Veal. “With GelCo’s San Francisco distribution office, Fluorotechnics gets a very useful launch pad for the U.S. market.”

    Fluorotechnics’ recently established a European base for its portfolio through the acquisition of Elektrophorese-Technik (ETC) in October 2007.

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