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May 16, 2007

BG Medicine and MSRCNY Partner on Biomarker Discovery for MS

  • The Multiple Sclerosis Research Center of New York (MSRCNY) and BG Medicine entered into an agreement to advance research in the area of multiple sclerosis (MS). Initial projects under the agreement are expected to be the discovery of biomarkers of MS disease activity and biomarkers of efficacy and safety for a currently marketed MS drug treatment.

    The MSRCNY and BG Medicine collaboration will focus on the discovery and development of novel blood tests that can be used in routine management of MS patients. The wide availability of such tests could have a profound impact on the management of MS by increasing the ability of physicians to measure their patient’s level of disease activity and improve pharmaceutical treatment.

    Under the terms of the agreement, MSRCNY will provide project expertise, certain analytical capabilities, and clinical patient samples for use by BG Medicine for the discovery, development, validation, and subsequent commercialization of clinical biomarkers in exchange for certain payments from BG Medicine.