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Jun 1, 2009 (Vol. 29, No. 11)

Managing Data from Screening Effectively

Genmab Relies on IDBS’ ActivityBase XE for Analyzing Results from Its Discovery Activities

  • Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies are the fastest growing segment within the pharmaceutical market. Among their important attributes is their high specificity. The ability to target specific antigens (expressed on cells, tissues, and organs) involved in the pathology of disease minimizes side effects and contributes significantly to the popularity and success of monoclonal antibodies in clinical applications.

    Unlike several conventional (small molecule) therapies that offer only short-term symptomatic relief and can potentially cause serious side effects, it is believed that monoclonal antibodies provide more effective treatment with greater efficacy and tolerability.

    Genmab creates and develops fully human monoclonal antibodies using UltiMab® technology licensed from Medarex. Therapeutic antibodies produced using this technology consist of 100% human proteins. High-quality, high-affinity human antibodies can reportedly be rapidly generated in a matter of months and can be selected to bind to naturally occurring human target proteins, tumor cells, or infectious agents. The UltiMab technology eliminates the need for humanization or complicated genetic engineering, which can be time consuming and expensive, according to the company. 

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