ReproCELL will add samples from the Fox Chase Cancer Center to its global repository of biospecimens in a collaboration designed to advance cancer discovery research and translational studies, the partners said today.

The value of the strategic alliance was not disclosed.

“Our biosamples have tremendous clinical value, and getting them into the hands of as many cancer researchers as possible is a priority for us,” Richard I. Fisher, M.D., Fox Chase’s president and CEO, said in a statement. “We know that making our biosamples available to the wider scientific community will accelerate the pace of cancer research.”

Fox Chase maintains a Biosample Repository Facility designed to provide tissue-based research services to support translational and basic research. Those services include tissue microarray construction and immunohistochemistry, automated tissue image analysis, and electrochemiluminescent enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay-based biomarker analysis.

The Facility makes available for research blood specimens—including whole blood, plasma, leukocytes, lymphoblastoid cell lines, and DNA isolated from leukocytes—as well as tissues such as fresh frozen tissue, fixed paraffin-embedded tissue, multitissue microarrays and tumor DNAs.

According to Fox Chase, the Facility also coordinates the ethical collection, storage, annotation, and distribution of human biosamples, as well as associated comprehensive patient and family cancer history data, clinical interventions, and lifestyle factors under an Institutional Review Board-approved protocol.

“The scope and sustainability of specimens collected by Fox Chase is as unique as it is impressive, covering nearly every major solid tumor type,” added ReproCELL USA CEO Rama Modali. “ReproCELL's alliance with Fox Chase ensures that the oncology research and development market has access to a premium source of clinically annotated tissue specimens.”

ReproCELL provides services and reagents to support drug discovery under several brands—including its namesake ReproCELL brand differentiated cells and reagents; Stemgent stem cell products and services; Alvetex 3D culture products; and Bioserve biorepository and molecular services, designed to provide researchers with human tissue samples and services, as well as provide a starting point for stem cell research.

ReproCELL is based in Yokohama, Japan, and has laboratories in Beltsville, MD, and Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

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