Organovo Holdings and ZenBio are partnering to produce 3D human tissues for drug discovery and advanced tissue therapies. ZenBio will provide validated cellular inputs for use by Organovo with its NovoGen™ bioprinting technology to enable the generation of living, 3D tissues that reproduce the architectural and functional features of tissues inside the human body. The resulting 3D tissue models may lead to advances in medical research, drug discovery and development as well as direct therapies and transplantation.

“We recognize the shift towards 3D cell culturing platforms for assay development,” said Dr. John W. Ludlow, executive director of regenerative medicine at ZenBio. “This is especially true for potency assays, which are a regulatory requirement for tissue engineered and regenerative medicine therapeutics. Additionally, our commercial and academic clients are continually seeking 3D cell culturing products as a bridge towards in vivo studies. Organovo’s technology has the ability to satisfy the regulatory, academic, and commercial needs for 3D cell culturing.”

Organovo is a creator and manufacturer of functional, 3D human tissues for medical research and therapeutic applications and ZenBio is a provider of advanced cell-based solutions and services.

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