Two versions of the product, both 96-well plates, will be made available.

Lonza and California Stem Cell have launched MotorPlate™ Human ESC-derived Motor Neuron Progenitor products. The companies believe that this is the first commercially available source of motor neuron progenitors sourced from human embryonic stem cells.

The products are functional, adherent motor neuron progenitors seeded in 96-well plates. They are shipped to customers ready-to-use with optimized media. The cells offer researchers an in vitro model along with uniform biological response and consistent lot-to-lot performance not typically found in a difficult-to-isolate primary cell types, according to Lonza and California Stem Cell.

Researchers will have a choice between the Standard and Mature versions of the MotorPlate. MotorPlate Standard 96 expresses motor neuron developmental markers and is suitable for both predictive toxicology and maturation studies. MotorPlate Mature 96 is a later-stage version of the MotorPlate 96, displaying increased functional activity, and is better suited for functional assays including electrophysiological recordings.

The MotorPlate is a result of a deal inked between Lonza and California Stem Cell in April 2010. Under the worldwide, exclusive licensing and supply agreements, the firms are working together to make pluripotent stem cell products readily available to researchers worldwide. California Stem Cell’s methods for scalable production of multiple cell types from human pluripotent stem cells combined with Lonza’s extensive primary cell expertise are expected to enhance screening tools and improve the predictive strength of current cell-based models. The companies say next in line for launch is the NeuroPlate™ Human ESC-derived Neuronal Progenitors.

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