Deals focus on cancers and neurodegenerative diseases.

Ipsen separately reported signing a cancer research partnership with the Institut de cancérologie Gustave Roussy (IGR), and renewing its Ipsen Life Sciences Program at the Salk Institute. The three-year collaboration with the IGR aims to identify new cancer targets, drug candidates, and biomarkers, and eventually establish and carry out clinical studies, with a focus on personalized therapy in the field of uro-oncology.

Meanwhile, the renewed Ipsen Life Sciences Program at the Salk Institute will apply fundamental and applied research in the fields of proliferative and degenerative diseases. Under terms of the agreement Ipsen will sponsor four research programs focused on identifying new treatment approaches for pituitary adenomas, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases.  

The organizations have renewed the Ipsen Life Science Program on the back of promising results from the initial three-year program, which led to the development of new cancer models and the identification of cell types that drive tumor growth.

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