Deal with Reproductive Genetics Institute allows company to initially choose 10 lines.

Reproductive Genetics Institute (RGI) is granting Embryome Sciences rights to market human embryonic stem cell  (hESC) lines. The company is upping its initiatives to grow its hESC portfolio in anticipation of President Obama lifting the strict restrictions previously imposed by President Bush.

Out of the 294 hESC lines derived by RGI, the company will initially choose 10 lines and may add more at its option. The RGI hES lines include both normal cells and 88 cell lines identified as carrying a host of inherited genetic disease genes that Embryome Sciences plans to sell as research products to universities and pharmaceutical companies.

Embryome Sciences is currently building a portfolio of diverse cell types made from hESC cells using its ACTCellerate technology and related products for growing these cells. The marketing agreement with RGI allows the firm to market a diversity of cell lines generated by the ACTCellerate technology from the parental hES cell lines obtained from RGI, including RGI cell lines carrying disease genes such as cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, and breast cancer.

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