With $1.1 million, Amercian Medical Systems gains an option to exclusively license certain technologies.

Tissue Genesis and American Medical Systems are joining forces to research adipose-derived regenerative cells for use in treating pelvic health disorders. American Medical Systems will pay $1.1 million over four years in exchange for the option to obtain exclusive distribution and license rights to Tissue Genesis’ regenerative-cell technology including the Tissue Genesis Cell Isolation System™. It has an additional two-year right of first refusal.

Along with milestone payments, Tissue Genesis will receive rights to certain data and derivative technology developed under the agreement. Tissue Genesis, in turn, will provide American Medical Systems with instruments, disposables, and know-how to allow American Medical Systems to develop regenerative-cell applications.

The Tissue Genesis Cell Isolation System processes a small amount of a patient’s adipose tissue into a concentration of millions of regenerative cells including adult stem cells, microvascular endothelial cells, and other cells. These cells can be coated onto artificial implants or directly injected into damaged tissue to improve circulation and support the formation of new tissue.

Through this new collaboration, American Medical Systems also joins the Tissue Genesis Commercialization Consortium of companies, institutions, and researchers who share their expertise.

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