Products are designed to resolve common PCR problems like primer dimer formation and mispriming.

TATAA Biocenter will sell the line of CleanAmp™ Products produced by TriLink BioTechnologies for Hot Start PCR under a distribution agreement. The product line is reportedly designed to resolve common PCR problems such as primer dimer formation and mispriming.

Products include CleanAmp dNTPs, designed to convert an assay to a Hot Start assay; CleanAmp 7-deaza-dGTP, a Hot Start tool intended for GC-rich target amplification; CleanAmp Primers for established assays; and CleanAmp Amidites for in-house synthesis of CleanAmp Primers.

TriLink will add to its CleanAmp product line in April. It expects to roll out new, improved CleanAmp dNTPs. According to TriLink, dNTP chemistry enables better amplicon yield in endpoint PCR and earlier Cq values in fast-cycling real-time PCR.

TATAA develops and performs a broad spectrum of hands-on qPCR courses worldwide. It also provides services for real-time PCR applications that include high-throughput qPCR analysis, primer and probe design and validation, data analysis, testing and evaluation of kits and instruments, and contract research to pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

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