MDxHealth and the School for Oncology and Developmental Biology (GROW) at the Maastricht University Medical Centre (MUMC), The Netherlands, have expanded their existing research collaboration focused on developing (epi)genetic cancer diagnostics. The multiyear R&D partnership will focus on developing next-generation sample in-, result out-based assays that provide insight into the diagnosis, staging, and treatment of cancer. MDxHealth says the aim is to develop technology that can also be applied to its own existing and future liquid biopsy tests, including its urine-based SelectMDx™ for Prostate Cancer biomarker assay.

GROW, which is sited at the MUMC, focuses on (epi)genetic research and teaching, as well as the (micro)environmental factors underlying normal and abnormal development. “The development of next-generation liquid biopsy diagnostics for oncology will be game-changing and help physicians manage their patients faster and more effectively,” commented Jan Groen, Ph.D., MDxHealth CEO. “GROW and Maastricht University are true visionaries and we are fortunate to have such a long-standing and collaborative relationship.”

The collaboration with GROW represents the third reported by MDxHealth within the last month. Toward the end of April, MDxHealth and Exact Sciences agreed to a partnership on epigenetics-based molecular diagnostics. At the front end of April, MDxHealth and the University of Ghent in Belgium signed a license and collaboration deal to develop the university’s technology for directly visualizing cancer-related epigenetic changes in liquid and tissue samples.

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