Ingenuity Systems and Affymetrix will be co-promoting Ingenuity® iReport™ with Affymetrix’ expression microarray products to help eliminate a bottleneck for researchers working with human, mouse, and rat applications. The technologies will couple a statistical analysis and biological interpretation workflow with a platform for gene expression studies.

Affymetrix’ expression microarrays, according to the firm, are the standard methodology used for many research and discovery applications. Affymetrix belives that, when combined with Ingenuity iReport, an interactive web-based report that can leverage the Ingenuity Knowledge Base of biological and chemical findings from the peer reviewed literature and databases, their expression microarrays will deliver researchers a “sample to insight” continuous workflow allowing for rapid, confident interpretation of results without the need for bioinformatics experience or support.

“By leveraging Ingenuity iReport with Affymetrix gene expression arrays for our study on a mouse model of familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, we accelerated our data interpretation several-fold compared to using other analysis tools,” said Adrian Grimes, Ph.D., from the department of pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin. “Their rapid and effectively blind analysis provided an unbiased validation of our data. Additionally, iReport allowed us to identify and explore genes of interest found with Affymetrix gene chips, yet not identified by other analysis tools.”

Several other companies have worked out similar deals with Ingenuity. In January of this year, TATAA Biocenter, a European provider of genomic services using quantitative real-time polymerase PCR (qPCR), annouced that it would complement its offerings in high-throughput gene expression profiling with Ingenuity iReport, thus enabling TATAA Biocenter’s labs to provide contract research for a range of real-time qPCR services including primer and probe design, validation, kit and instrument evaluation, and biological and statistical analysis to academic, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies worldwide.

Also, in June of last year, ATLAS Biolabs signed a collaboration agreement with Ingenuity that gives customers of ATLAS Biolabs the option to analyze and interpret their study data using Ingenuity Variant Analysis (to identify causal variants from the output of whole-genome and exome sequencing experiments) and iReport (to be used for the biological interpretation of RNA-Seq and other gene expression data).

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