AB Sciex will supplement as needed with its own staff for service and maintenance calls in North America.

GE Healthcare has decided to offer its Smart Asset Management Services (SAMS) customers throughout North America the option for full on-site service and maintenance support of AB Sciex mass spectrometry systems.

Under their collaboration agreement, AB Sciex will supplement with its own service and support staffers the on-site work of GE Healthcare service engineers “when needed,” according to GE Healthcare. The company says that its arrangement offered the advantages of enhanced efficiency and a single point of contact for service support of U.S. and Canadian SAMS customers.

Last week AB Sciex announced that Tetsuya Terasaki and his research team at Japan’s Tohoku University, which focuses on studying the the blood-brain barrier, credited the company’s TripleTOF 5600 System and Eksigent chip-based system with allowing them to identify and quantify a much wider range than previously possible for drug transporter proteins, important functional proteins such as cytochrome P450 and UGT proteins in complex matrices, and enzymes that activate or inactivate drugs in the body.

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