Affymetrix and Singapore’s PathGEN Dx inked a ‘Powered by Affymetrix (PbA) agreement, through which PathGEN will develop an in vitro pathogen diagnostic kit based on its PathGEN® PathChip microarray technology. The kit will comprise the firm’s reagents and automated software, and a contract-manufactured Affymetrix GeneChip® microarray. The firms say the final product will be able to detect over 70,000 viral and bacterial genomes from a range of human samples, as well as annotate the genomic information and identify co-infecting pathogens.

The PbA program allows commercial players to license GeneChip® technology for the development of microarray products for a range of applications including diagnostics, forensics, animal testing, industrial testing, and food testing. “We are very pleased to have PathGEN Dx join the Affymetrix PbA program,” comments Roger Schaller Sr., director of global business development of clinical applications at Affymetrix. “This adds significantly to our PbA program in which we help partners to develop novel molecular diagnostic tests that will potentially provide solutions for directing proper treatment for patients.”

PathGEN Dx is the first company to have been spun out of the Genome Institute of Singapore. The firm is focused on the development of diagnostic kits for infectious disease diagnostics, biosurveillance, and epidemiology. 

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