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DNA sequencing has made great strides over the past 15 years, but there is still a long way to go to deliver the full promise of genomics to the global community. Until recently, scientists have been limited in their choice of short-read instruments. While the early years of the genomics era brought cost reductions that famously outpaced Moore’s Law, more recently, lower costs have been available only by purchasing ever more expensive and higher-throughput equipment not obtainable to all. In essence, some labs have been left behind.

Published list prices

Competition is the bedrock of any healthy market, driving innovation that brings tangible benefits like lower costs, higher quality, and more options. Element Biosciences is bringing the power of choice to scientists all over the world through its innovative AVITI benchtop sequencing platform. The team at Element has taken a first-principles approach and rebuilt the sequencer from the ground up. Our mission is to democratize sequencing by improving data quality and end-user benefits at 1/3 the run cost of the leading benchtop system (Table).*

Key specifications and features

  • >90% of data is Q30 or higher, with >80% of data >Q40 with PCR-free library prep.
  • Two independent flow cells, each delivering 1 billion reads / 300 Gb.
  • Lowest cost per G for a benchtop system at ~$5/G or $1/million reads.
  • Batch size flexibility, enabled by unprecedentedly low run costs that make tuning down throughput for faster turnaround time an affordable option.
  • Validated compatibility with leading library prep ecosystem partners.
  • Access to synthetic long reads with LoopSeq™ kits for 16S and amplicons.
  • FASTQ file generation unconstrained by proprietary software.

High quality data, low run costs

Until now, the only way to obtain the lowest cost per gigabase was with the highest-throughput DNA sequencing instrument, the NovaSeq.

The AVITI system produces highly accurate data cost-effectively.
The AVITI system produces highly accurate data cost-effectively.

However, the very high initial capital cost combined with the ongoing operating expense of consumables needed to achieve economies of scale means owning one is impractical for most researchers. When outsourcing, the pressure to maximally fill the largest flow cell leads to long waits for results, further constraining discovery. By sequencing DNA in a new way, the AVITI breaks the NGS cost curve and gives labs of all sizes access to affordable DNA sequencing on their own timeline. Our cost savings calculator helps you estimate how much more science you can do with the AVITI, and Element guarantees your reagent price for the lifetime of your instrument.

AVITI system data have unique features that add value to a wide range of applications

  • Negligible index hopping and ultra-low optical duplicates.
  • Polony generation by rolling circle amplification reduces error by only copying from the original template.
  • No on-instrument PCR also limits AT/GC bias, providing more even coverage across your sample.
  • Lower indel error rate.
  • Low Phi-X spike-in requirements (~5%) for applications with low-diversity samples like methylation and amplicon sequencing.

Element was founded with the idea that all scientists should have access to affordable, accessible DNA sequencing without sacrificing data quality. Democratized access to life sciences technology will empower the entire research community to accelerate the pace of science.


Contact us to see what the AVITI can do for your lab www.elementbiosciences.com.

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