615 complete genomes to be sequenced, assembled, and analyzed under agreement.

Complete Genomics has agreed to sequence 615 complete human genome samples for the Institute for Systems Biology as part of ISB’s study on neurodegenerative diseases. It is the third order of its kind between the two companies in recent years.

For the neurodegenerative disease study, ISB will supply Complete Genomics with purified DNA samples from families with multiple affected individuals. Complete Genomics will then perform the sequencing, assembly, and annotation and deliver to ISB a listing of variations found in each genome. ISB will do its own further analysis, utilizing the power of family genetics and network analysis with the datasets to identify causal and modifying genes.

“Partnering with Complete Genomics for our human sequencing needs has allowed us to focus on data analysis and interpretation while avoiding major capital expense, pipeline building, and technology development. Their continuous increase in sequencing accuracy and coverage has allowed us to generate highly accurate results,” says Leroy Hood, president of ISB.

In 2009, ISB engaged Complete Genomics to sequence four genomes as part of a small family study to verify the causal gene in Miller syndrome. In early 2010, ISB engaged Complete Genomics to sequence 100 genomes for multiple family studies of Huntington’s and other diseases in collaboration with several academic institutions.

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