Malvern, PA-based CRO Reaction Biology Corporation (RBC) inked an agreement allowing Cisbio Bioassays to co-market and sell RBC’s recombinant epigenetic proteins worldwide. RBC manufactures the proteins which are used to modulate genetic functions in humans and are being validated as targets for a new generation of cancer drugs, according to the company, which says it expects to grow its portfolio of epigenetic proteins to more than 200 this year.

Cisbio develops and markets assays used in drug discovery. The firm has recently expanded its product offering with solutions to assess epigenetic targets such as methyltransferases, explained Patrick Seguin, vp of sales and marketing.

“We have been seeing increasing demand for high quality epigenetic proteins that can be included in the assays that we currently develop,” he said “This agreement [with RBC] represents one step /forward in our goal to become a premier provider of epigenetic assays.”

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