Early access to instrument provided multiple runs in excess of 250 Gb of data.

The Broad Institute has purchased 51 HiSeq 2000s, Illumina’s high-throughput next-generation sequencing system. These will be shipped over the next several quarters, Illumina says, and will replace an equal number of Genome Analyzer IIx systems.

“We believe that the HiSeq 2000s will significantly increase our capabilities in high-throughput genomics, as our experience with early access instruments has already produced multiple runs in excess of 250 Gb of data and yielded significant improvements in lab workflow,” remarks Robert Nicol, Ph.D., director of sequencing operations and technology development at the Broad Institute. “Coupled with Illumina’s newest sequencing chemistry, the system has the potential to increase high-quality base yields at longer read lengths and could help improve mapping accuracy and variant discovery.”

The compatibility of HiSeq 2000 sample preparation and data analysis with that of the Genome Analzyer IIx system allows organizations to seamlessly introduce the HiSeq systems into their existing sequencing infrastructures, Illumina asserts. The HiSeq 2000 sequencing system leverages Illumina’s reversible terminator-based sequencing by synthesis chemistry in combination.

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