Lab901 and Biofortuna are collaborating on the optimization of Biofortuna’s range of multiplex PCR diagnostic kits for use on Lab901’s automated ScreenTape PCR platform. Biofortuna’s kits encompass diagnostics for celiac disease and other HLA-related disorders including reactive arthritis, diabetes, and drug hypersensitivity.

“Biofortuna’s blend of easy-to-use, one-step PCR technology and multiplexing capabilities means we are confident of quickly taking market share”, comments Mike Bunce, Ph.D., CEO. “Having evaluated several automated systems, we have chosen to work with Lab901 because of the ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and reproducibility of the ScreenTape platform.”

First launched in 2007, ScreenTape is now sold in more than 20 countries through a network of distribution partners. Lab901 currently sells ScreenTape systems optimized for use with the Seegene Seeplex kits for the detection of infectious diseases such as respiratory viruses, sepsis, sexually transmitted infections, and diarrheal diseases.

Lab901 also recently introduced two new versions of ScreenTape for protein and RNA analysis, targeted at the biomedical research market. These new products are currently being sold directly throughout Europe, and global rollout is expected to start in 2010.

In September Lab901 raised £2.4 million in an equity funding from its consortium of investors. The company aims to use the cash to expand international sales of its ScreenTape laboratory-analysis platform and further develop its product range.

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