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While current Immuno-oncology research is revealing diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive cell states and identities with implications for drug and diagnostic development, as well as diagnostic testing, it is challenged in that only a minority of patients respond. This is especially prevalent using therapies that rely on immune activation, such as checkpoint inhibitors, due to the complex and heterogeneous immune escape mechanisms which can develop in each patient. Therefore, the development of robust biomarkers, enabling rational patient selection and the design of precise combination therapies, is critical for this valuable treatment’s continued success and improvement.

In this GEN webinar, our distinguished presenter, Dr. Keith Wharton, will discuss the utility of advanced multiplexing techniques to provide the much-needed insight affording a comprehensive study of cellular composition, cellular functions, and cell-cell interactions within the tumor microenvironment. He will also discuss the attributes of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes and tertiary lymphoid structures and why their location, organization, and composition matter. Finally, Dr. Wharton will demonstrate a streamlined workflow supporting whole slide imaging coupled to advanced quantitative AI-driven image analysis of an 8-plex mIF and H&E fusion on a single tissue slide for a comprehensive tissue immunophenotyping analysis.

A live Q&A will follow the presentation, offering you a chance to pose questions to our expert panelist.

Keith Wharton
Keith Wharton, MD, PhD
VP, Medical Director