John Cumbers, PhD
John Cumbers, PhD
Aoife Brennan
Aoife Brennan, MB, MRCPI
Chief Executive Officer
David Breslauer
David Breslauer, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
Bolt Threads

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The synthetic biology revolution is here! Synbio, as the field is known, will undoubtedly influence the future of industries from agriculture to biopharma to fashion. The innovations—which sit at the intersection of engineering and biology—include microbes engineered to produce products, synthetic genome construction, protein function expansion, and much more.

The myriad ways that synthetic biology could impact our health, lifestyles, and the environment are hard to predict. But we’re excited to bring together leaders in the field for the April episode of GEN Live, to discuss where the field is now and the exciting advances in store for the future.

Guests include:
John Cumbers, PhD — Founder of SynBioBeta
Aoife Brennan, MB, MRCPI — CEO of Synlogic
David Breslauer — CSO of Bolt Threads

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