Horizon Discovery signed a nonexclusive license agreement with ERS Genomics to access intellectual property relating to the CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing system. Horizon has rights to use the technology for research applications including development and sale of research tools, kits, and reagents, performance of research services, creation of genetically modified disease model cell lines, development and production of reference standard material for molecular diagnostics, and for internal target identification and validation research efforts.

“The acquisition of this CRISPR IP is in line with the company’s aims outlined at the time of its IPO and further strengthens Horizon’s long-term position in the market for this cutting-edge gene editing technology,” explained Darrin Disley, Ph.D., CEO of Horizon Discovery. “Access to a broader CRISPR IP portfolio will allow the technology to be deployed extensively across Horizon’s products, services, and leveraged R&D and further enhance the attractiveness of the company’s core genome-editing platform Genesis™ to customers,” he added.

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