Caszyme, a Vilnius, Lithuania-based biotech company developing CRISPR gene-editing solutions, opened a new, 1336 m2 facility. The expansion aims to increase Caszyme’s capacity and support the development of new complementary competencies to meet the demand for gene editing-based platforms and products in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, according to Monika Paule, PhD, company co-founder and CEO, who adds that the global gene editing market size is expected to reach $29.93 billion by 2032.

Monika Paule, PhD, company co-founder and CEO
Monika Paule, PhD, Caszyme co-founder and CEO [Caszyme]

“I am very grateful to Caszyme co-founders Dr. Giedrius Gasiūnas and Prof. Virginijus Šikšnys as well as the whole Caszyme team for our continuous endeavor to bring CRISPR based innovations to the market and enable our partners throughout multiple industries,” said Paule. “Our new facility is a great representation of our achievements so far, it will enable us to perform more top-class research and development and will further advance our capacity to meet the growing demand for expert end-to-end CRISPR gene editing solutions.”

Caszyme was established in 2017 by Paule, Giedrius Gasiūnas, PhD, and Virginijus Šikšnys, PhD, a pioneer of CRISPR-Cas gene editing research. Over the last seven years, Caszyme has collaborated with multiple life science organizations aiming to enter the CRISPR field or expand their gene editing capabilities, added Paule.

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