Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation (AGTC), said today it has opened a new combined-use corporate office and laboratory in Alachua, FL.

AGTC's new facility, within a multi-tenant site, consists of approximately 20,000 square feet that includes lab and office space, as well as space for future expansion. The facility is expected to accommodate up to about 75 people, the company said.

“The new facility will help us to accelerate our research and development efforts for novel AAV-based gene therapies for rare diseases and house critical corporate functions including finance, quality assurance, and project management while providing ample space as we continue to bring new talent to our team,” AGTC president and CEO Sue Washer said in a statement.

The company will host an open house event tomorrow expected to attract representatives from local government and the research, academic, and healthcare communities.

AGTC is a developer of gene therapies using its own platform, with an initial focus in ophthalmology. The company’s lead product candidates focus on inherited orphan diseases of the eye, caused by mutations in single genes that significantly affect visual function and currently lack effective medical treatments.

AGTC was founded to commercialize technology developed at the University of Florida—from whose Sid Martin Biotechnology Incubator in Alachua the company has graduated.

The company maintains ties to the university through multiple Sponsored Research Agreements covering basic research for many new product candidates, support of clinical trials and projects designed to enhance the company’s basic AAV technology platform.

“AGTC’s progress to date is a primary example of how a research-based concern can be successfully spun out from academia and advance the potential of its technology,” added David Day, avp and director of UF’s Office of Technology Licensing.

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