Yale University, Yale Cardiovascular Research Group (YCRG), and genae associates signed a collaboration and co-marketing agreement designed to enable expansion of YCRG’s academic research organization (ARO) and genae’s contract research organization (CRO) services across the research value chain, from preclinical to clinical evaluation and beyond. The value of the deal was not disclosed.

Included in the collaboration will be cross-marketing and referral of services to each other, co-facilitation of liaison with regulatory and governmental bodies and co-deployment of staff, facilities, and other resources. YCRG and genae will increase market reach by sharing and subcontracting monitoring, regulatory, safety, core laboratory, data management, and statistical analysis services, the partners said.

YCRG director Alexandra Lansky, M.D., said in a statement the collaboration will combine “the need for academic vision and guidance with the need for partners that have an entrepreneurial approach, scalable capabilities, and financial backing to invest for the future.”

“The growing demand for high-quality but cost-conscious clinical research faces technological, economic, and regulatory change,” Dr. Lansky said. “This unique ARO/CRO collaboration takes advantage of the opportunities of sponsored clinical trials to advance scientific understanding and to promote a broad application of evidence-based medicine that will ultimately benefit patients.”

genae is a full service CRO that is ISO 9001 certified for clinical trial management, data management, statistical analysis, safety, regulatory, core laboratory, and medical writing services.

“This ARO/CRO governance model guides the relationship from a strategic and operational point and helps to build long-term, trust-based relationships at multiple levels across the organizations,” genae CEO Bart Segers said.

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