Agreement covers all therapeutics areas except oncology.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals signed partnerships with Covance and Quintiles to together plan and execute global development programs to support new compounds in all therapeutic areas except oncology. A global program-level sourcing strategy is expected to increase operational efficiency, Takeda explains. Through these relationships, Takeda will move toward a fully virtual outsourcing model.

The company will have access to the clinical development capabilities and central laboratory services of Covance and Quintiles. Each partner company will provide dedicated resources to support Takeda’s development pipeline. Combining the expertise and capabilities of all three companies will improve productivity and facilitate Takeda’s global growth, the firm notes.

“Takeda is focused on growing its global drug development footprint, especially in Asia, while at the same time ensuring quality and increasing efficiency of our operations,” remarks Robert Ahlbrandt, Ph.D., svp, global development operations for Takeda’s pharmaceutical development division. “Our new strategic partnerships with Covance and Quintiles will improve the agility and productivity of our drug development activities, helping us to deliver innovative new medicines to patients globally.”

Takeda Pharmaceuticals is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japanese company Takeda Pharmaceutical. Based at Deerfield, IL, it mainly acts as a hub for R&D and commercial activities in the Americas and Europe.

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