Rainbow BioSciences, the biotech division of Rainbow Coral (RBCC), entered into a joint venture agreement with TheraKine to address the problems posed by systemic drug delivery. TheraKine has developed a sustained-release drug delivery platform that could soon make local delivery of biologic agents and small molecules safer, more effective, and more convenient than ever before, according to RBCC CEO Patrick Brown. The company has developed and patented these tunable technologies with the potential to enable selective, site-specific drug delivery, allowing for lower drug concentrations and significantly reducing the risk of drug toxicity, he added, noting that this new sustained-release technology can also extend the patent life cycles of drugs, giving potential pharmaceutical partners a tremendous market advantage.

“TheraKine’s sustained-release delivery system could allow patients who now need daily injections to instead have one injection every four to six months,” continued Brown. “We expect the demand for this product to be very high once it’s made available, and RBCC plans to take a real stake in its success.”

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