Abzena could receive $35M in milestones

Trieza Therapeutics has negotiated an exclusive worldwide license, with sublicensing rights, to an antibody sequence generated using Abzena’s Composite Human Antibody™ technology. U.K.-based Abzena could receive up to $35 million in development and commercialization milestones, plus royalties on sales of licensed products containing the sequence.

“This new license deal with Trieza provides the opportunity for Abzena to benefit from the commercialization of one of the assets originally developed by the Group to exemplify its proprietary antibody humanization and deimmunization technology,” commented John Burt, Ph.D., Abzena’s CEO.

Abzena was formed as a group holding company in 2014 and incorporates the businesses of Antitope, PacificGMP, PolyTherics, The Chemistry Research Solution (TCRS), and Warwick Effect Polymers. The firm, which also has sites in California and Pennsylvania, offers a range of complementary services and technologies for the identification, engineering, contract process development, and manufacture of antibodies, antibody–drug conjugates, vaccines, gene therapy, and cell therapy products and protein-based therapeutics. Abzena claims that 11 antibodies currently in clinical development have been generated using “Abzena inside” technologies, which are founded on its proprietary antibody–drug conjugate linker, antibody humanization, and protein deimmunization technologies.

Trieza is a Cambridge, MA-based startup established during the last quarter of 2016 as a spin-out from Potenza Therapeutics. The new firm is focused on the discovery and development of immuomodulatory oncolytic viruses.

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