Receptos’ technology will be used to find small molecule modulators.

Receptos and Eli Lilly agreed to research and develop orally delivered small molecule modulators of an undisclosed GPCR target. They will advance the candidates into preclinical development based on shared structure-based drug design efforts that employ Receptos’s technology for determining GPCR crystal structure.

Receptos’ approach to GPCR drug discovery combines traditional screening information with biophysical ligand screening using pure and stable receptor protein, chemistry structure-activity relationships, novel biological insight into allosteric binding sites, site specific mutagenesis to probe residue-ligand interactions, GPCR crystal structure, and co-crystal structure iterations.

“The lead-generation focus of the collaboration aligns with our company’s strategic plan to contribute to the development of therapeutically relevant candidates for high-value targets, while maintaining freedom to conduct our own drug development, either with partners or on an independent basis,” says Faheem Hasnain, president and CEO of Receptos.

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