Company expects combination with its immunotherapies will enhance adjuvant activity.

PDS Biotechnology obtained a license for use of Merck Eprova’s chiral lipid DOTAP chloride in its immunotherapies, which are in preclinical development. PDS will use the cGMP produced enantiomerically pure DOTAP chloride for these clinical candidates as well as eventually in commercial production.

Under the deal, PDS will own the intellectual property rights to products incorporating the lipids for immunotherapeutic applications.

PDS Biotechnology’s drug candidates are being developed on its Versamune nanoparticle technology. Furthest along is Versamune-HPV, which has demonstrated promise in curing HPV infection and HPV-related cancer in preclinical studies, says PDS. Another compound is called Versamune-Melanoma.

Based on in vivo and in vitro efficacy data, PDS Biotechnology was awarded grants by the NCI to develop Versamune-HPV and Versamune-Melanoma.

PDS’ Versamune nanotechnology facilitates the uptake of disease-associated protein and peptide antigens by the antigen-presenting cells of the immune system. Simultaneously, it reportedly acts as a strong immune system activator without the inflammatory side effects induced by current adjuvants.

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