Marligen offers protein and gene-expression profiling assays, testing services, and reagents.

OriGene Technologies is taking over Marligen Biosciences to enhance its gene-centric product portfolio. Marligen adds an array of assay panels and custom assays for drug discovery.

Marligen provides protein and gene-expression profiling assays and testing services for the Luminex xMAP® platform as well as DNA and RNA purification kits. OriGene aims to couple these assays and reagents with its high-throughput mAb production capabilities to further develop high-quality panels and offer customization to hasten and increase efficiencies for drug discovery.

OriGene’s mammalian cell-expressed proteins reportedly maintain authentic protein structure, post-translational modifications, and functions. The firm’s product line includes what is reportedly the largest cDNA and shRNA clone collections of over 5,000 purified human proteins, high-quality mAbs to human proteins, 100,000 highly validated human tissues, and qPCR arrays. OriGene also provides antibody-validation products including genome-wide tagged antigen standards and extensive IHC slides derived from its tissue collection.

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