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Today, cost pressure, market uncertainty, and market growth challenge the existing manufacturing technologies. With the rise of these more complex molecules often comes the challenge of manufacturing them cost-effective. One of the approaches that contract manufacturing organizations and drug development companies take to increase their manufacturing output is utilizing perfusion and process-intensive technologies. One of the challenges in such efforts is the adaptation of cells to very different culture conditions, which requires a sufficiently flexible cell and a good understanding of process requirements to maximize performance.

In this GEN Webinar, we will hear from Dr. Jeff McGrew, Scientific Director at Just–Evotec Biologics, who has used the CHOSOURCE™ GS knockout cell line to develop high producing cell lines rapidly.  Several case studies will show these cell lines’ capacity to achieve cell densities in the range of 100 million cells per mL in perfusion processes with high specific productivities. These cell lines’ ability to achieve both high cell density and high specific productivity enabled Just–Evotec Biologics to implement an intensified low-cost manufacturing processes as part of their manufacturing process.

A live Q&A session followed the presentation, offering you a chance to pose questions to our expert panelist.

Jeffrey McGrew, PhD
Jeffrey McGrew, PhD
Scientific Director
Just–Evotec Biologics

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