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Neuroscience research has enjoyed robust funding for many years, and we are now beginning to see that much of that money was put to fascinating and diverse uses. Moreover, after receding from much of the neuro drug discovery realm for more than two decades, pharma has begun to express renewed interest in developing drugs to treat a whole host of neurological disorders.

Novel therapies to treat diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and muscular dystrophy are rapidly popping up alongside new biologics for migraines and gene therapy clinical trials for neurogenetic diseases like Huntington’s.

However, therapeutics are only part of the story, as much research has been devoted to creating comprehensive brain maps. From neuronal interactions of brain regions to the molecular, multiomic patterns within specific brain localities during normal and disease states—technology advances are truly making headway into one of the most enigmatic biological frontiers.

Join us for this exciting GEN Live as we discuss some of the latest developments in neuro-drug discovery with experts across the academic and life sciences industry.

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Dietrich A. Stephan, PhD
Dietrich A. Stephan, PhD
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Heather Dawes, PHD
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Jon VanLeeuwen, PhD
Jon VanLeeuwen, PhD
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