Nicholas Valiante
Nick Valiante, PhD
Innovac Therapeutics
Karine Breckpot
Karine Breckpot, PhD
Free University
Brussels, Belgium
Alejandro Becerra
Alejandro Becerra, PhD
Principal Applications Scientist, Global Purification Technical Lead
Thermo Fisher Scientific

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mRNA therapeutics and vaccines represent one of the most exciting frontiers in molecular therapy. While technical and manufacturing expertise has seen rapid advancement because of the pandemic response, challenges remain for both vaccine development and manufacturing as well as other clinical applications of mRNA.  A critical factor in any mRNA platform is the successful downstream purification of the mRNA. In this webinar, two acclaimed experts in the mRNA therapeutics field—Dr. Nick Valiante and Professor Karine Breckpot—will engage in a candid conversation focusing on the key factors in mRNA purification, performance, vaccines and precision therapy.  

Dr. Nick Valiante is a leading authority in mRNA vaccine development, having held senior executive positions at Moderna, Novartis, and now Innovac Therapeutics. Professor Karine Breckpot is a tumor immunologist specializing in the development of mRNA therapeutics for cancer immunotherapy.  Dr. Alejandro Becerra is a principal applications scientist and global purification technical lead at Thermo Fisher Scientific supporting various clients and stages of mRNA therapeutic purification. 

This timely discussion will be of major interest to scientists in mRNA research, purification, and downstream process development. 

A live Q&A session followed the presentation, offering a chance to pose questions to our expert panelists.

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