Munich, Germany-based company MAB Discovery has cut a deal with Genmab and its affiliate Genmab BV, under which it will produce antibodies for multiple Genmab targets to help Genmab and Genmab BV develop their therapeutic antibody products.

To generate the antibodies, MAB Discovery will be using its in vivo antibody discovery technology platform, which the company says relies on the natural immune response of rabbits followed by B-cell cloning techniques. MAB Discovery uses high-throughput screening to focus on identifying highly active antibodies with epitope coverage, potency, and species-cross-reactivity. This technology, the firm adds, can eliminate affinity maturation and surrogate development.

MAB Discovery's CEO Stephan Fischer, Ph.D., said in a statement that the firm is thrilled to provide its rabbit-based in vivo platform to Genmab. “Genmab’s antibody format technologies, the DuoBody and HexaBody platforms, combined with our antibody discovery platform could lead to the discovery of best-in-class therapeutic antibodies,” he added. 

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