Lonza Walkersville and Hyglos signed an agreement that allows Hyglos to use recombinant factor C technology protected by Lonza’s patents to produce Hyglos’ own endotoxin products. The agreement also includes the dismissal of the lawsuit Lonza previously filed against Hyglos.

“Thanks to this agreement an important door has opened for a new era in endotoxin detection. We are convinced that Hyglos’ innovative assays, entirely based on recombinant molecules, are addressing important needs of endotoxin testing laboratories worldwide” said Wolfgang Mutter, general manager of Hyglos.

“We are very glad to have reached this agreement with Hyglos. Endotoxin detection using recombinant factor C instead of Limulus amoebocyte lysates has recently been acknowledged by the FDA as an alternative method. We believe that this sustainable animal-free alternative will be the future of endotoxin detection,” added Teun Van der Heide, Ph.D., head Lonza Bioscience.

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