Partnership will exploit nanoparticle MicroJetReactor technology for improving drug solubility and bioavailability

Germany’s Instillo group and leon-nanodrugs are partnering to develop a generic oncology drug using the latter’s proprietary MicroJetReactor (MJR®) nanotechnology platform. leon’s MJR technology has been developed as what the firm claims is a one-step, easily scalable bottom-up continuous precipitation process that addresses issues of poor drug solubility and bioavailability by reformulating new and existing oral and parenteral drugs as nanoparticles. The technology can be applied to small molecule and peptide- or protein-based molecules to generate naked, polymer-coated, or functionalized nanoparticles.

The generic oncology drug being developed as part of the Instillo partnership will be produced at Ursapharm, in Germany. leon-nanodrugs CEO, Theron E. Odlaug, said that a partner will be sought for commercialization of the product when bioequivalence has been established. “Through the unique attributes of our MicroJet Reactor Technology, our goal is to generate added value to both established molecules and novel NCEs,” he commented in a statement. Earlier in 2016 leon-nanodrugs and CoreRx teamed up to establish a dedicated laboratory for the MJR platform at CoreRx’s Myerlake facility. The laboratory will take projects from feasibility to final formulation of oral, semi-solid, and liquid preparations.

Instillo is the administrative umbrella for an independent group of companies, including leon-nanodrugs, MJR PharmJet, and Quasaar, which offer a range of pharmaceutical services from development through to registration and commercialization. leon-nanodrugs has exclusive rights to the MJR technology for pharmaceutical applications. The firm offers the nanotech drug formulation technology through both contract development agreements and co-development partnerships. nanoSaar holds exclusive rights to the same MJR technology for all nonpharmaceutical applications, while MJR PharmJet offers formulation services for pharmaceuticals, and particularly low solubility drugs. Quasaar provides GMP expertise relating to all aspects of drug formulation development, together with services spanning quality control, batch release, and stability studies.


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